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10 reasons to date a football player

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10 reasons to date a football player

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He points to you and blows you a kiss before his buddies surround him with high fives and funny dance moves. The people are cheering, his coach is 100 and you can barely control yourself.

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That sounds like a nightmare You are now overwhelmed with a feeling you never knew you needed and never want to lose.

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You go to every game, you sit with his friends or family members and you scream his name loud and clear. She'll understand. It took him many falls and pains to be where he is now. Both of you want to go watch a match live together, and both of you eat, sleep and drink football. There's just something about spending time with someone you hope to grow to love, while she already loves something you do, too.

Just think about it this way, he will work his ass off trying to impress you. Communication is key in both scenarios so stop wasting your time with someone who keeps his thoughts to himself and get yourself a soccer player who you can chat it out with.

He will ask you to live a healthy life too. Your BF will know what to eat and when to eat in order to achieve success. Somehow, that makes you more popular.

10 reasons why you should date a female football fan

Every girl wants to date him, every boy wants to be like him. So, get yourself ready earlier, girls. This surely improves the intelligence of a soccer dste. See also: How Propose Someone The male and female "versions" of each sport have their own features making them intense. She doesn't think your vacation plans are ridiculous. If you're worried about her judging you for obsessing over your fantasy football lineup on a Saturday night, being too distraught to go to class after seeing your team eliminated from March Madness or investing all your emotion into the Knicks' season when all logic suggests you shouldn't, don't reaxons.

Your best chance of doing that in peace is obviously getting with someone who's just as cool with doing the same thing. You will have the opportunity to play and learn from a pro.

With that said, there's definitely a specific type of athlete that has become a personal favorite. Her man crushes are low-key yours, too.

He will never let his dat do things alone. Soccer is like a second language to them. Not only do they rock their warm ups and uniforms, but they also look stellar in their colorful cleats and team jackets.

14 reasons you should be dating a girl who plays soccer

The people are cheering, his coach is smiling and you can barely control yourself. See also: How Man Fall in Love 5. Sure, that trip to an all-inclusive island resort is OK, but traveling to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic final sounds even better.

She'll teach you how to juggle or how to score or she might just nutmeg you and embarrass you in front of all your friends. So, once he got you by his side, he will cherish you and do his best to keep you safe. If he really wants you to be in his life he will fight for you. No more catching your beau have another attention except you.

It's like a bonus on top of everything else that attracted you to her in the first place. The competition between the soccer players triggers them to be competitive in the right way.


Your boyfriend will be ready for any adventure, rain or shine. In case you ever heard, always spread love everywhere! Her good books are footbqll the right place to be! You may also love:. See also: Muslim Wedding Traditions Well, girls around the world, those are 20 reasons why you should date a soccer player. In order to succeed in both, you need to work together.

20 sweet reasons why you should date a soccer player

For him, a problem exists to be solved not to be scared about. And if you're lucky you will find a player who knows how to cook!! When the time comes and they step out on the field, they are ready to compete and dominate. You scream, cheer and wait patiently for him to walk over so you can congratulate him. See also: Dating Indonesian Chinese You must be proud to call him your baby. See also: You Have a Stalker 2.

He likes to eat healthy food that contains enough carbohydrates, protein, vitamin, calcium, etc.

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She gets it, because she has the same obsession. There's just something about her figure.

Imagine your friends and girlfriend got along perfectly… they drink together, they hang together, and they even have nicknames for each other. They do exercise regularly. They can sit back, relax and focus on things other than makeup and clothes.

That will be such a healthy date for you and him. He must believe in himself that he playyer do it. Every single step he takes and every move he makes look cool and make the girls scream.