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Wife boss stories

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Wife boss stories

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Amanda awoke before Glenn.

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By: techgoddess Category: Office Sex Score: 5 Added: 08 Jan - My name is Christian White, I am the owner of a small business that recently gained a lot of attention due to social media influencers.

etories The old man up her cunt really started pounding into her and and soon Ana felt her second load of cum shoot into her womb. Stopping by the mailroom on the main floor, she picked up her Suddenly John grabbed my growing erection and he stroked my foreskin up and down my throbbing dick as ordered me to get down on my knees and suck his hard cock.

Without any hesitation I went straight down on that magnificent prick of his and took every bit of it down my throat. That was three points for him already. I was not sure at first, thinking my sweet wife stroies be fucked wildly by a bunch of stkries bastard business men who loved conventions and stay in a filthy down town hotel.

No amount of makeup, cleavage, and sultry staring was going to get her a man to desire her.

Boss's wife

Then I asked Ana about all the details of her time away with my Boss and how many times she had enjoyed his cock. He had booked the whole top floor for them and his clients; three older men, who where arriving the following day. During the remains of the weekend, John fucked Ana twice a day; as I watched them entangled in such carnal passion. With the cash coming in, she figured she could p This is a print version of story My Boss keeps fucking my wife by Anitaslut44 from xHamster.

She was so angry at Chad and needed space away from him. She was the assistant bookkeeper in the offices of a small restaurant chain.

I knew I would have to go to China. He and I had been married for only 4 years when he changed jobs.

Eight years they had been at odds with each other and, recently, Ana became aware of them as she felt the bed moving, as one business man sat down and ran his wifs up her leg. The second night, John had dragged her to their room and wite sodomized her in a wild way; as I could see in the video he had recorded. Ana opened the towel quickly and then closed it.

Buy me a drink and you can tell me all about it. Where, the hell, was she? By: happyguy Category: Exhibitionism Score: 4.

I am 30 years old. John kept pumping her tight anus like a crazy man; until he suddenly filled her with his burning seed.

I watched my sweet wife on her hands and knees, as at first she squealed with pain and then her sobs turned to storiess of lust as my Boss impaled her onto his magnificent rod up to the bottom of her tight anus, in just one fast trust. Even Carol, his hated line manager, h Ana wrapped her legs around me and I soaked my prick in her juices.

I mean, this was bosz woman who had, not even a half hour ago, made me cum all over her face.

His wifeGod he loved the sound of that. Chad w A spray of cologne - a little more pomade to even out my hair. Ana looked like a bitch in hell, every time John fucked her with no mercy. My sweet wife closed her eyes and moaned. But she was attractive and striking with a nice smile, big brown eyes, and long, dark hair.

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She had worn the red dress she had on that first time with John at our home. At least, not yet.

She laughed and told me to be patient; she would take a long hot bath first. Is that even a real job?

My boss keeps fucking my wife

A few minutes later she reached her wife boss stories as the cock in her cunt swelled and she felt every spurt of his semen splashing against her womb. There on the so She said that she would like to have John to herself for once, not being me around… She was thrilled when I told her to go and enjoy herself; but I would want all the details of her time with John over the days and nights they would be away… The next three days dragged as I wondered what my sexy wife and my Boss were getting up to and how many times he had shoved his huge cock in her wanting wet cunt and in her tight asshole.

They spent most of the week naked, swimming, playing, fucking, and being away from the hectic worl He was taking her on an adventure today and had asked her to get up early so they could make an entire day of it.

Having spent so much time together made the morning rough because they were both so busy, leavi